Thursday, June 4, 2015

I love April Fools Day.

There were so. many. pranks.  And it was really awesome.

We started by turning the furniture upside down and freezing their bowls of cereal.  Once they discovered the frozen cereal, I gave them new bowls but with food coloring under the cereal, so the milk changed colors when I poured it.  

I also saran wrapped the toothpaste tube and squeezed dish soap on the inner rim of the toilet so it would fill with bubbles when they flushed.  There were a couple other gems during the day, but the last one was our backwards dinner/dessert.  It was so fun!  Dinner was "grilled cheese" - slices of cinnamon swirl pound cake with orange-dyed icing in between.  Then I buttered the bread and grilled it like a grilled cheese sandwich.  Dessert was "cupcakes" - meatloaf with mashed potatoes on top and a cherry tomato.  The kids loved that we got to have a treat before dinner. :)


We cannot let our suspicions and our doubts run wild, or else we will destroy ourselves.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Easter eggs

(I just uploaded the pictures off my camera for the first time since.... March-ish.)

Look how awesome!  Dip your egg into one color of dye for just a little bit.  (30 seconds or so)  When the dye has dried, put on some rubber cement.  When the rubber cement has dried, dip the egg in a different color and leave it for a longer time.  Take it out, let it dry, and rub off the rubber cement.

I've always just done white crayon, but look how cool when you use a colored crayon!


You cannot trust anyone once you’ve had to trap them in a cage.