Friday, November 25, 2011

a day for celebrating

Not only was yesterday a day for celebrating thankfulness
and tasty food,
but it was also a day to celebrate the birth of

Carrie O'Dell,
who happens to be my best friend,
and probably the best roommate in the world.
(I wouldn't know exactly because I haven't had everyone in the world as roommates.
However, I'd be willing to bet that there should be no "probably" in the sentence.)

In backwards order...
Reasons why she is the best roommate ever:
1. She is easy to get along with:
I can count on zero hands the number of times we got in arguments.
2. She is an excellent cook:
We were in a dinner group together. Tasty foods.
3. She is clean, but not the kind of clean that makes you feel guilty:
We tended to have messy days at the same time,
so we actually inspired each other to clean up.
4. She likes to do social things, but not always:
We did social things because they were fun, 
but we also knew how to stay home and eat brownies.
5. She has excellent taste in movies:
Harry Potter and all the High School Musicals. 
6. She has extensive knowledge of movies:
Ever laid awake or gone crazy trying to remember what other movies someone's been in?
This will never happen with Carrie as your roommate.
7. She has good habits:
Namely, my nighttime teeth-brushing
and daily showering + hair-doing
were at an all-time high while living with Carrie.
8. Etc.
Four years ago on Carrie's birthday when BYU beat the U.
Reasons why she is awesome
Reasons why she is my best friend:
1. Her mom made us be friends.
(Shout out to Sis O'Dell!)
2. She is hilarious.
3. She has an excellent sense of style.
4. She likes to do fun things.
5. She is one of the most excited people I know:
--> She makes everything more fun.
--> If you ever have something exciting to say and are expecting a good reaction,
she will never disappoint.
6. She is supportive.
This combined with #5 = 
I seriously would've gone crazy at some points during my sophomore year
if it weren't for Carrie.
7. She went on a date with Greg.
That was awesome, people.
8. She calls it a je'taime. 
And that is just cool.
9. She likes my husband.
That would've been ridiculously hard.
10. She doesn't do mean things,
like making people feel stupid,
or otherwise being negative.

I could say 1,000,000 more things, but I won't.
Dear Sister O'Dell,
Thank you for making me share a tent with Carrie, 
even though I didn't like you at the time for it.
She is the best best friend in the world.
 Dear Carrie,
We have been best friends for 10ish years.
I feel like we should be sisters or otherwise related,
and that we should be neighbors when we grow up.
You are excellent
and I'm so thankful for you!
Also, I don't hug much or say this very often,
but just so you know,
I love you!
You are awesome.
and I'm glad you had a good birthday!

P.S. I like your watch.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Something else I've been thinking about lately.

Folks, running is not the only kind of exercise.
And if you don't like it, that doesn't mean you're fat.

The world doesn't like us to know those things.  Oh yeah.  One more thing.

I like doughnuts.

I enjoy spending time on Pinterest sometimes.  I see pretty things and get good ideas, plus it can be a really great place to look if you're trying to find a new healthy recipe or some new ways to make cards.  It's a trendy place that way.  But I've noticed something lately.  A lot of women are on Pinterest, pinning away at "motivating" posters telling them to go exercise.  And they always write captions on the bottom like, "So true!" and "I need to put this by the fridge!" and even "I'll think of this every time I eat a cookie!"  The thing is, I don't find those posters very motivating.

Here's an example:

Let's go through this, shall we?
Myth #1: You will regret eating that cookie.
Truth: I often don't regret eating cookies.  The only time I do regret eating cookies is when I'm feeling guilty or fat.  Guess who wants us to feel guilty and fat, guys.  Not people who love us.  People who love us are encouraging and kind.  They don't tell you to stop being so fat and put down that cookie because, even though it's delicious, you've already had a carrot today and that has enough sugar in it for your whole week!  (I also sometimes regret eating a cookie if I've already eaten 12.)

Myth #2: You will not regret running that mile.
Truth: I sometimes do regret running that mile.  You know why? Because I hate running.  There.  I said it. 
I hate running! and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
 Do you know what I do enjoy?  Biking, yoga, pilates, swimming, hiking, walking... lots of things.  I don't always do them, but I enjoy them.  When I get home after going running, I am not filled with energy and happiness, as many people are.  I am, in fact, more prone to crash on the couch and watch TV all night long than if I hadn't gone running. 

By the way, did you check out the tumblr account name of the person who made that poster? That's right.  makemeextrasmall
Let's try again:
Myth #3: Not exercising = being fat.
Truth: Not exercising = not being as healthy as you could be.  The purpose of this post is not to say that exercising isn't good for us.  That's not true.  Exercising is great when done right!  We've been told to take care of our bodies (1 Corinthians 6:20, among many) and I definitely believe exercising is one part of doing so.  But there is so much more involved in being healthy than just exercising.  If I'm eating perfectly and doing everything else except exercising, I'm going to wager a guess that I won't be fat.  Now that might not be true - but I don't eat perfectly now and I'm not fat, so I'm guessing it's not too far from the truth.  To conclude: No, if you don't exercise, you may not be as healthy as you could be, but that does NOT mean you are fat.  Even logically, it doesn't follow.

and, while we're at it, Myth #4: Exercising = being skinny or causing skinniness.
I'll let you all in on a little secret.  Not all bodies are made to be skinny.  So, like it or not, you might exercise until the cows come home and never be as thin as the girl in that picture up there.  And guess what.  That's okay!  Because your body is special and specific to you - Your body knows when it's at a healthy weight!  And that healthy weight might not be 100 or 125 or whatever you think sounds healthy.  Your healthy might be 150.  It might be 175.  But the take-home lesson from Myth #4 is that, while exercising is good for you, not everyone who exercises is going to end up skinny and that's okay.
And let's just finish this out with two last remarks.
1. Exercising builds muscle.  Muscle weighs more than fat.  So if you start exercising to lose weight and notice that that's not happening, maybe you're gaining muscle.  Conclusion: When it comes to tracking your weight loss/gain, try using a tape measure instead of a scale.


Thursday, November 17, 2011


I've been thinking about something a lot lately.
That something is named normalcy.

Some days, I come home from school and look at my house.  "This is not my beautiful house," I think.  "Where is my beautiful furniture, house big enough to build a new themed nursery every time I think about a baby, money to live in a perfectly decorated home, and gigantic walk-in closet?  Where are all of my shoes?"

Other days I think, "Where are all of the gifts I have made?  All of the clothing and blankets I've sewn?  The perfectly formed cupcakes and diaper cakes and rainbow cakes and all other kinds of cakes?  Where is the collection of ugly antiques that I bought at DI and craftily turned into fashionable antiques?"  And, "Oh no! My entire handmade wardrobe is gone!"

Then I remember something.
Which is named, not everyone lives like that.  In fact, most people do not.  It's the minority, folks, who are putting those pictures on blogs and pinterest and who knows where else.

And that's okay.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

not as awkward as it could've been - and it had great potential.

Someone whom I have never before met just hovered over me while I was sitting on the ground 
and squeezed my shoulder.
We supposedly know each other.
I looked up and said,

I don't know you."

His face said the same thing.

Friday, November 11, 2011

alisonism #14: 11-11-11


There is a tradition of making a wish at 11:11.
Yesterday was 11-11-11.
You may have heard - 
There was a lot of hubbub about making a wish
at 11:11 on 11-11-11.  

Time for the alisonism.

I've never really been one for making wishes.
Weird, right?
but I haven't.
I remember even when I was little,
people telling me to make a wish on my birthday candles.
I always thought it was weird.
I usually just close my eyes for a second and then say,
"Got it,"
so I don't have to explain that I don't really make wishes.
Don't get me wrong - I don't think there's anything wrong with making wishes.
You can make wishes all you want and I definitely will not think any less of you.
I just don't make them.
I don't even think it's weird when other people do it - just when I do. 

I hope for things
(I hope we have macaroni for dinner!)
and I wish some things were
(I wish it weren't so cold today)
but I don't make wishes for things I want.

Maybe I don't know how.
Every time I try making a wish, it comes out feeling more like a prayer,
which then makes me feel weird for praying a wish.

Needless to say,
I didn't make a wish at the AM or PM, 
and it didn't really bother me.


My husband is so much braver than me! Look what he ate today!  (Look up khash, although if you have a weak stomach, you may be sorry you did.  Subtract the vodka from the meal and add in "lemonade with some herb in it" and you have Joel's breakfast!)

taken from Joel's own camera: "I ate one bite of this and choked it down."
"I ate this until I was full."  That green stuff is the "lemonade with some herb in it."

Monday, November 7, 2011

Skyhawk Gorge Night

from Salem Hills High School website,

Tonight I went to the Salem Hills Skyhawk Gorge Night and it was so fun!  Salem Hills is a new high school in the area and, because it's a new school, they've really worked hard to create a sense of team and unity there.  They do this through clubs - anyone can have a club who wants one, so they've ended up with some really cool ones, like the Pizza Factory Lovers, Fly Fishing, Music Lovers, and Harry Potter, and over 50 more - and working on school-wide goals.  One of their yearly goals is to sponsor someone through the Make A Wish program.  Last year it was someone from their own student body; this year the student is from an elementary school that leads to the high school.  His name is Quinton and he goes by Q.  How do they raise this money, you might ask?  With Skyhawk Gorge Night.

On Gorge Night, all the clubs get booths set up throughout the school and offer samples that somehow represent their club.  Book Club might have gummy worms; Japanese Club had fortune cookies that Panda Express donated; Bioscience Club had worms and dirt (chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and a gummy worm); and Walmart donated hot dogs for everyone.  It's such a cool community event!  It only costs $5/person or $20/family and all the money goes to granting Quinton's wish.  How cool is that?!  They've already raised over $4000.  They're also selling t-shirts with big Q's on them - they're actually pretty cool.

I found out about this from my classroom management teacher, who happens to be one of the assistant principals at Salem Hills.  I only know her from my class, but I imagine she is probably one of the world's greatest assistant principals because she really knows how to create an environment where people feel important and valued.  I think that's really important for a high school.  Anyway, she told us about it and I thought it'd be cool to go.  Luckily, a girl in my ward goes to the same class and she and her husband also wanted to go! So we headed over tonight and it was TOTALLY worth it.  It was like a glorified Sam's Club trip.  Fun + tasty + cheap + the added benefit of knowing you're helping someone out :)

And I'll probably steal that idea to use at whatever school I teach at someday.  What a fun community partnership/involvement/activity!

Gorge Night, I will most definitely see you next year. :)  

Friday, November 4, 2011

Greenwich Village

not my hand

After spending forever trying to get a two-week-old coat off my nails, I must say, to their credit (or perhaps to the discredit of my polish remover?), that OPI nail polish is not only awesome for their colors and color names, but for the fact that their nail polish lasts forever.  And also that I got a free bottle of top coat when I got my two new fun colors the other week with an ULTA coupon.

"leavin' on a jet plane"

from, taken by Pablo Barrios

Well, it wasn't quite so early that I would call it early morn,
and there was no taxi driver blowing his horn,
but it's still a new adventure!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

why I love Christmas music

from, taken by Milan Vasic

I have been listening to Christmas music a little bit lately,
and watching a couple Christmas movies.
This has been met with dismay by several people, seeing as it just barely was Halloween.

Allow me to explain my logic.

At Christmas time, we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Because of that, it's no wonder that during December, people are so cheery and willing to serve each other.  I believe the Spirit is so strong during Christmas because people are more open to receive it.
It's also no wonder, to me, that because they are celebrating Someone so wonderful,
Christmas songs bring the Spirit and comfort and peace into my home.
Why should I discontinue my celebration of Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ - 
just because it isn't the right month?

I especially like to listen to Christmas music when I'm stressed or need some extra concentration,
like right now, while working on homework.
I need peace to be able to concentrate, and listening to Christmas music gives me that peace.
I don't want to deny myself that gift.

I also listen to non-religious Christmas music.
It reminds me of the Christmas season, when everyone is so happy.
So I guess mostly the reason that I'm listening to it as well as spiritual Christmas music
is because it's fun + thinking about Christmas makes me happy. :)

Don't worry.
In my early/year-round celebration of Christmas,
I also am ecstatic for Thanksgiving and gave a huge shout-out to Halloween.
Just because Christmas is so awesome doesn't mean I'm skipping the others! :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happy Halloween!

I was a Canadian pop star named Robin Sparkles.
Joel was a giraffe's neck.  
We ate lots of candy and it was tasty and fun :)

We also ate at Applebee's with some of our friends, 
and I learned that Fiesta Lime Chicken is delicious!

We tried to go to Milagros, since it's one of the best restaurants we've ever been to,
but for some reason, since it was Halloween, they closed at 3:00.
We were a little sad about that

Overall, it was a great day :)
I'll put up a picture of Joel's costume when I get one from his phone.