Monday, November 7, 2011

Skyhawk Gorge Night

from Salem Hills High School website,

Tonight I went to the Salem Hills Skyhawk Gorge Night and it was so fun!  Salem Hills is a new high school in the area and, because it's a new school, they've really worked hard to create a sense of team and unity there.  They do this through clubs - anyone can have a club who wants one, so they've ended up with some really cool ones, like the Pizza Factory Lovers, Fly Fishing, Music Lovers, and Harry Potter, and over 50 more - and working on school-wide goals.  One of their yearly goals is to sponsor someone through the Make A Wish program.  Last year it was someone from their own student body; this year the student is from an elementary school that leads to the high school.  His name is Quinton and he goes by Q.  How do they raise this money, you might ask?  With Skyhawk Gorge Night.

On Gorge Night, all the clubs get booths set up throughout the school and offer samples that somehow represent their club.  Book Club might have gummy worms; Japanese Club had fortune cookies that Panda Express donated; Bioscience Club had worms and dirt (chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and a gummy worm); and Walmart donated hot dogs for everyone.  It's such a cool community event!  It only costs $5/person or $20/family and all the money goes to granting Quinton's wish.  How cool is that?!  They've already raised over $4000.  They're also selling t-shirts with big Q's on them - they're actually pretty cool.

I found out about this from my classroom management teacher, who happens to be one of the assistant principals at Salem Hills.  I only know her from my class, but I imagine she is probably one of the world's greatest assistant principals because she really knows how to create an environment where people feel important and valued.  I think that's really important for a high school.  Anyway, she told us about it and I thought it'd be cool to go.  Luckily, a girl in my ward goes to the same class and she and her husband also wanted to go! So we headed over tonight and it was TOTALLY worth it.  It was like a glorified Sam's Club trip.  Fun + tasty + cheap + the added benefit of knowing you're helping someone out :)

And I'll probably steal that idea to use at whatever school I teach at someday.  What a fun community partnership/involvement/activity!

Gorge Night, I will most definitely see you next year. :)  


Rachel said...

That sounds like so much fun! I am in StuCo, so I will talk to people and maybe we can do that in the future sometime!

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