Thursday, November 17, 2011


I've been thinking about something a lot lately.
That something is named normalcy.

Some days, I come home from school and look at my house.  "This is not my beautiful house," I think.  "Where is my beautiful furniture, house big enough to build a new themed nursery every time I think about a baby, money to live in a perfectly decorated home, and gigantic walk-in closet?  Where are all of my shoes?"

Other days I think, "Where are all of the gifts I have made?  All of the clothing and blankets I've sewn?  The perfectly formed cupcakes and diaper cakes and rainbow cakes and all other kinds of cakes?  Where is the collection of ugly antiques that I bought at DI and craftily turned into fashionable antiques?"  And, "Oh no! My entire handmade wardrobe is gone!"

Then I remember something.
Which is named, not everyone lives like that.  In fact, most people do not.  It's the minority, folks, who are putting those pictures on blogs and pinterest and who knows where else.

And that's okay.


Mom said...

It most certainly IS okay. BUT...just as a reminder, you have told me about some of the clothing you have sewn while you were in the middle of sewing them! You just haven't taken any pictures of the finished products and blasted them all over the internet for all to see. AND, I think I recall something called a pink lemonade cupcake that you DID send me a picture of once and it was one of the most perfectly formed cupcakes I have ever seen! As for all of the other stuff, look under your bed. Well, the cakes won't be there. They are in your belly, (except for all of the ones you have given away!).

Mom said...

AND, some days you come home and think, "Aaaah. I'm so glad to be home."

Bethany said...

Ha! I love this. "Where are all of my shoes?" I imagine a dramatic pause right before that part.


Why are you so cool.

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