Wednesday, November 2, 2011

why I love Christmas music

from, taken by Milan Vasic

I have been listening to Christmas music a little bit lately,
and watching a couple Christmas movies.
This has been met with dismay by several people, seeing as it just barely was Halloween.

Allow me to explain my logic.

At Christmas time, we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Because of that, it's no wonder that during December, people are so cheery and willing to serve each other.  I believe the Spirit is so strong during Christmas because people are more open to receive it.
It's also no wonder, to me, that because they are celebrating Someone so wonderful,
Christmas songs bring the Spirit and comfort and peace into my home.
Why should I discontinue my celebration of Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ - 
just because it isn't the right month?

I especially like to listen to Christmas music when I'm stressed or need some extra concentration,
like right now, while working on homework.
I need peace to be able to concentrate, and listening to Christmas music gives me that peace.
I don't want to deny myself that gift.

I also listen to non-religious Christmas music.
It reminds me of the Christmas season, when everyone is so happy.
So I guess mostly the reason that I'm listening to it as well as spiritual Christmas music
is because it's fun + thinking about Christmas makes me happy. :)

Don't worry.
In my early/year-round celebration of Christmas,
I also am ecstatic for Thanksgiving and gave a huge shout-out to Halloween.
Just because Christmas is so awesome doesn't mean I'm skipping the others! :)


Holland Hettinger said...

I love it! Especially that third to last paragraph. :)

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