Monday, March 29, 2010

socks again

Who would've thought that I'd have two sock-related posts in such a short time?  Well, there's something about me.  I really love socks. 

Anyway, these are the socks I wore today.  I saw a girl on-campus wearing these SAME SOCKS! last week.  Only, the pink parts were more of a tangerine color on hers.  They were close enough, however, that only someone who owned those socks would tell the difference between the two pairs.  It was pretty cool. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

bridal showers.

I was invited to a bridal shower today for one of my friends.  At the bottom of the invitation, I saw this sentence:
"This is an all lingerie/Victoria Secret gift cards shower."

Seeing as I'm not rich, I can't afford to buy this person lingerie... and probably wouldn't if I were rich.  Also, since I'm not rich, the most I could put on a gift card would be like, $10.  Which isn't bad.  I thought it'd be fun to do something silly, like normal pjs or slippers and call it lingerie... but seeing as the person who sent me this invitation is the person the shower's for, that sentence is making me wonder if she wouldn't want a joke.  She can sometimes be particular.  Still awesome, though, don't get me wrong.  And she knows I like a good joke, so maybe a joke would be okay?  If I decide not to do a joke, though, that means I have to find time between now and next weekend to go to Victoria's Secret to get a gift card.  Hmm.  Decisions, decisions.

Friday, March 26, 2010


I have not written on my blog in approximately a week.  I didn't actually check my last posting date, so I don't know for sure how long it's been.  A week is just my guess.  I just haven't really had much to write about.  Today, I decided to share with all of you faithful readers one of my most favorite websites:

Why do I love VocalPoint?  Well, they're pretty cool.  VocalPoint is a website that will you send you free samples of up-and-coming products if... 1) You will go on their website and review it after you use it, and 2) You will tell people about the product you tried.  Neither of these takes much time, and telling people about the products isn't hard at all, because they're usually REALLY AWESOME.  Plus, they also include high-value coupons for the product so you can buy it again!   And, coupons to give to your friends when you tell them about it!  I haven't been very good about handing out the coupons yet, so if you want a pretty high-value coupon for fruit snacks, Kashi cereal, or Pantene Pro-V shampoo (the new kind), let me know.  I think that's all the coupons I currently have sitting around to be given out...  

In the last few weeks, I have received these awesome things from VocalPoint:

1 box of Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, plus a coupon for a free big box.  (I didn't take this picture, and I don't know how that person got four free sample boxes.)

Some coupons for fruit snacks. 
(Sadly, I didn't actually get the item that time.  But, on the plus side, those fruit snacks are supposed to help me learn my letters and numbers.)

A full-size bottle of this shampoo.

 A new product by Tide, called Swash.  This is probably my favorite thing I've ever gotten from VocalPoint.  I will probably buy it, even though it's probably a little pricey.  "It's like an iron in a can, AND IT WORKS!" - Joel

This size of Caress body wash (2 oz), only the dark brown "Evenly Gorgeous" kind. Looks like liquid brown sugar and smells delicious.

Two of these sheets.  Another one of the coolest samples I've ever tried.  I would probably buy this if I had a little more money.  I'm definitely buying a package with the coupon.  Actually, now that I think of it, I'm not sure if I got this sample from VocalPoint or from somewhere else... but it's still a cool sample that I've gotten in the mail...

I don't really remember anything else, but I'm pretty sure I've gotten several other things.  I really love this website.  They don't ever send spammy emails, just emails to remind you you've gotten a sample and don't forget to review it!, and emails suggesting new samples just in case you're interested in them.  Anyway, if you're interested in getting some cool stuff for free and coupons to get more cool stuff for pretty cheap, hop on over to and check it out.  It's pretty sweet. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let her plan dinner!

I just wanted to share the link to a blog that I have been LOVING!

The girl who writes it is a friend of my sister's, which is how I found out about the blog.  She cooks super delicious food, but she plans her meals according to what's on sale at the store, which is something I've been trying to get better at.  She posts about once a week - on Wednesdays, the day that most sales start.  She'll do a post for her meal plans (6 days/week + 1 leftovers), the ingredients in each meal, which ones she already has in her pantry and which she needs to buy (the shopping list!), and then she tells where she shopped that week and how much she paid for each item + the total shopping total for the ingredients + any other "stock-up" type foods she buys + the total cost for each meal.  Plus, she lives in my area, so she shops at the same stores I do (and therefore, has the same prices I do).  I LOVE IT!  It's been so helpful the last couple weeks.  I can hardly wait to see what she puts up tomorrow!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi Day!

I celebrated today by...
  • thinking about eating a pizza pie.
  • thinking about making a brown sugar pie.
  • thinking about making an oatmeal pie.
  • actually eating some cherry pie.
  • actually eating some chocolate chip pie.
It was all delicious... even just the pies I thought about.  Happy Pi Day! :)

And in closing... who doesn't love a good dinosaur comic?


So, I was looking through some old posts today and remembered that I had posted this poem...

¿O cuál es más de culpar,
aunque cualquiera mal haga:
la que peca por la paga,
o el que paga por pecar?

...that I really enjoy.  But I saw that I had never explained it or why I enjoy it.  It's a poem about prostitution, but it can apply to other situations, probably...  I just like it:)  It's thought-provoking.  Anyway, it basically just asks, Who is more to blame for a sin - the woman who commits the sin, or the man who pays her to do it?  
I think it's pretty interesting. :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blog Topic #4: Stress

What's stressing you out? What techniques do you do to reduce your stress levels? Are those techniques working for you?

Stressors in my life:
homework.  grocery shopping.  deciding when to do laundry.  keeping my house clean.  finding time for things like exercising.  that's all I can think of right now.

Techniques to reduce stress:
go for a walk to get the mail or take out the trash.  take a break and read for a minute or something.  take a nap.  read my scriptures.  I like doing yoga-lates/piloga to help reduce stress, but I don't always have time for it.  make food... which then adds to the stress of dirty dishes...  doing the work I'm stressed about helps if I do it with a calm attitude.  telling myself to relax.

Do they work?
Sometimes.  Going for a walk helps.  Sleep helps.  Taking a break helps during the moment but might make me more stressed later.  Same with baking.  I like to read my scriptures or the Ensign because it helps a lot.  Yogalates/piloga definitely helps if I can get myself to not think about my stressors.  Probably the biggest thing that helps is just getting the work done, whatever it is, because then it's done and I don't have to worry or think about it anymore.  

Thursday, March 11, 2010

pet peeves

Some super frustrating things happened today, so I thought I might vent a little bit and talk about some of my pet peeves today.  As I was filing some papers at work, I was trying to decide what to say in my writing when I noticed I had a song stuck in my head.  What was it?  "I Am Like a Star," the Primary song.  So random.  I don't even know when the last time was that I sang or heard that song.  What line was I at in my mind when I noticed?

"I can do and say happy things each day..."

So I decided not to write about my pet peeves today :)  It's true that we can choose our attitudes about life, so I decided to choose not to be frustrated!

I am like a star shining brightly,
Shining for the whole world to see.
I can do and say happy things each day,
for I know Heavenly Father loves me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


These are my favorite socks.

They got a hole in them. :(

Should I toss them?  But they're my favorite socks!  
Should I try to fix them?  I don't know; it's a pretty big hole....


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Joel is awesome.

Today when we got home from church, I washed some dishes so I could make rolls, but then I decided to go take a nap for a minute.  When I got up,
 Joel was finishing washing the dishes, and when I called him in to see me,
he asked if he could make dinner tonight :)  I asked if he wanted a suggestion and he said, "No.  Well, sure, but I'm not going to use it" because
he'd already thought of something :)  and then, when I asked if he wanted to play a game, he said,
"When I'm finish making the bread!"  I told him I had been planning to make rolls instead, and he said,
"I know, that's what I was going to make, too!" 

So now, I'm sitting on the couch writing this post and getting ready to email some pictures to my mother-in-law and some to my friend because I told them I would last week... And then maybe I'll do some indexing or upload a video I promised to my family months ago... I love you, honey :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

One of my favorite places...

Little America truck stop in Wyoming.  Why, you might ask?

because you can get one of these for only 50 cents, tax included.

(and no, I don't know that man.)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sewing class

My skirt fits!!!

Now, to finish sewing it...