Friday, July 31, 2015

10 favorite "calm down" songs

I'll offer the same intro as I did to my last list of songs - This isn't a comprehensive list of "calm down" songs I love, but these are all really good.  Give 'em a listen.

1. "Easy" - Lionel Richie + Willie Nelson
2. "Sort Of" - Ingrid Michaelson
3. "Oh, Sweet Lorraine" - Green Shoe Studio
6. "The Call" - Regina Spektor
7. "Little Wonders" - Savannah
8. "If Love Were All" - Rufus Wainwright
9. "Fire and Rain" - James Taylor
10. "Rope Swing Over Rogue Valley" - Rogue Valley


Lawyers, I suppose, were children once.
Charles Lamb

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

10 favorite "good mood" songs

Let it be known that these are not my top ten, nor is this anywhere near a comprehensive list of my favorite "good mood" songs.  I'm still trying to regather the favorites lost when Grooveshark disappeared.  But these are fun. 

1. "Shut Up and Dance" - Walk the Moon
2. "Popular Song" - Mika + Ariana Grande
3. "Rockstar" - A Great Big World
4. "Black and White" - Royal Tailor
6. "Blonde" - Bridgit Mendler
7. "Elle Me Dit" - Mika
8. "You Make My Dreams" - Mêlée
9. "Fun, Fun, Fun" - Pharrell Williams
10. "Do You Believe in Magic?" - The Lovin' Spoonful


“Why is it that so many of us blame ourselves for things that we can’t ever fix, but we blame others for the things we can?”
In the Land of Second Chances

Friday, July 17, 2015

the day the tower fell over

I wrote this a few months ago and it's been sitting in my "Drafts" box ever since.  I was afraid to publish it, not because of embarrassment, but because I didn't want to get - as weird as this might sound - encouraging comments.  I purposely waited until months after the day passed to even think about posting it.  I've always been a very dependent person, and while I do ask for help when I need it, I didn't want this to sound like a desperate plea.  I'd rather it sound like "I have bad days, too."  It's also a little more personal than I sometimes post, and that was another reason I held back.  But the idea of being authentic keeps showing up in what I've been reading and listening to lately, so now's the time.  There are wonderful, wonderful things about my life.  There are also intensely difficult things.  My life is a beautiful mix of both, and my blog's pretty representative of how I really am.  But here's a taste of the harder side of my authentic.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

play dates

When you become a mom, you learn the phrase "play date."  What is a play date, you might ask?  Just what it sounds like - a set time for 2+ kids to get together and play.  Parents call / text other parents and set up times for their kids to play with each other.  

Every time play dates come up in conversation, part of my brain does a little freak-out and thinks, "Play dates.  This is so dumb.  My mom didn't set up play dates for us.  We just went to our friends' houses!" (or called them, which can be weird now because so few friends have home phones.)  Let's be clear - my mom did set up play dates if the friends lived far enough away that we needed a car to get there.  But if you lived in the neighborhood, we usually just showed up.  

I get that the world is a different place now.  People are busier with sports, dance, gymnastics, and other classes; more paranoid about kids walking around alone; and often more involved in their children's lives.  But that doesn't mean I don't wish I could say, "I don't know if your friend can play, go knock on his door and find out."

But watch out, world!  We're bringing it back.  Spontaneous playing, I mean.  Meaning, if you've ever told me, "Stop by anytime!" I just might.  We've already done it to a few of you.  We'll come at a normal time of day.  We'll probably stay an hour or less so we don't accidentally become rude.  Maybe we'll bring donuts, like we did today.  Maybe you won't be home or you'll be in pajamas, like also happened today.  I'll probably apologize because I'm afraid some of you will think I'm rude instead of awesome.  But someday when we're feeling bored and ready to play, don't be surprised if you get a knock on your door!  If you don't want to play or you're busy, tell us so (or just don't open the door).  No hurt feelings.  I get that people are busy.  But I also know that we're not the only ones who sometimes need a spontaneous change of routine.  And who knows!  After we leave, you might just go buy your own pack of UNO cards and start taking it around the neighborhood.  :)


For it so falls out, that what we have we prize not to the worth whiles we enjoy it; but being lacked and lost, why, then we rack the value, then we find the virtue that possession would not show us while it was ours.
Much Ado About Nothing, William Shakespeare

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

#happyconfession time!

I don't heed most expiration dates.  Last time I made pumpkin waffles, I prayed that our three-year-expired pumpkin wouldn't give us botulism.  (Note: This is NOT true if I'm cooking for someone outside our family.)

The last couple times sour cream went on sale, I thought we were out.  I now have five pounds of sour cream in my fridge.

The day after we watched Space Jam, Little Girl called a black woman in our ward Michael Jordan.  I was equal parts embarrassed and proud.

A couple weeks before I got my hair cut, Little Boy asked if a ponytail was the only way I knew how to do my hair.  The day after I got my hair cut, Little Girl almost started crying because she didn't want the same haircut for herself.  Whatever, Little Kids.  MY HAIR IS AWESOME.  

I really like a lot of music from young boy bands.  One Direction, Five Seconds of Summer, R5, Ross Lynch (ok, he's just one person), MKTO, Before You Exit... They all have some pretty good ones.  


“I know that evil hides here, but I cannot be the one to uncover it.  Neither can any of you.  Time will do that for us.  And how I fear that day, for I know that when I look into my betrayer’s face, I will see someone I thought I knew.  And I will still love them.”