Monday, January 4, 2016

written word

I've had several friends ask what the best book I read this year was, so I thought I'd just publish the list.  :)  Here's what I read in 2015 (that I remembered to put in my spreadsheet) and what I thought of it!  If you're looking for a good read for 2016, it's a good list.  Keep in mind that I mostly read Juvenile Fiction and Young Adult Fiction, so most of these are pretty light, easy reads.

True (...sort of)Katherine Hannigan368January 2015yes. good for younger readers, too
My Body Fell Off!B.J. Rowley208January 2015yes; Mormon-y
Silver Hawk's RevengeB.J. Rowley256January 2015"
Missing ChildrenB.J. Rowley256January 2015"
Which Witch?Eva Ibbotson231February 2015sure, but make sure they know it's kind of weird :) and for younger readers
Ida B. ...and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the WorldKatherine Hannigan246February 2015yes. sadder than expected
SavvyIngrid Law342February 2015I think I want to buy it.
Say Uncle... and AuntSuzy Pizzuti320March 2015sure. silly romance :)
CinderMarissa Meyer387February 2015yes
ScarletMarissa Meyer454February 2015yes
CressMarissa Meyer550February 2015yes
The Wednesday WarsGary D. Schmidt264May 2015really liked it
The Baseball Box ProphecyBruce Newbold550May 2015yes! especially to people who know baseball
CloakedAlex Flinn341June 2015yes! really liked it. Weird but fun premise.
Who Could That Be at This Hour?Lemony Snicket258June 2015a little hard to get caught up in, as are a lot of his books for me, but better than expected
New KidTim Green320June 2015really liked it; definitely a baseball book; a little disappointed in the ending
The Girl Who Could FlyVictoria Forester328June 2015really liked it
My Fair GodmotherJanette Rallison310July 22, 2015yes. want to read others in series
Throne of GlassSarah J. Maas404
Jul-Aug 2015
maybe. It's about an assassin, so definitely for a more mature audience.
Crown of MidnightSarah J. Maas418
Heir of FireSarah J. Maas562
Queen of ShadowsSarah J. Maas648September 2015
WovenMichael Jensen352October 2015yes; wished it were longer
Made You UpFrancesca Zappia428October 2015It was really fascinating. had swearing and mature content I had to skip
WinterMarissa Meyer824December 2015yes! whole series
The Gratitude DiariesJanice Kaplan320December 2015very eye-opening; I think I'll buy it
Tell MeJoan Bauer272December 2015yes


It wasn't the circumstances that mattered but how I responded to them.  I could passively wait for the wonderful to occur - and still find something wrong.  Or I could accept whatever events did come my way and try to appreciate them a little more.
Janice Kaplan, The Gratitude Diaries