Sunday, March 7, 2010

Joel is awesome.

Today when we got home from church, I washed some dishes so I could make rolls, but then I decided to go take a nap for a minute.  When I got up,
 Joel was finishing washing the dishes, and when I called him in to see me,
he asked if he could make dinner tonight :)  I asked if he wanted a suggestion and he said, "No.  Well, sure, but I'm not going to use it" because
he'd already thought of something :)  and then, when I asked if he wanted to play a game, he said,
"When I'm finish making the bread!"  I told him I had been planning to make rolls instead, and he said,
"I know, that's what I was going to make, too!" 

So now, I'm sitting on the couch writing this post and getting ready to email some pictures to my mother-in-law and some to my friend because I told them I would last week... And then maybe I'll do some indexing or upload a video I promised to my family months ago... I love you, honey :)


The Youngest Kitchen Maid said...

AWWWWWW!!!! That is so sweet! Rachel Ellis told us in YW that her and PJ both HATE to do dishes and for Christmas he gave her a coupon that says "Don't touch a single dish ALL YEAR!!!" she was really excited! But she told us that she has kept that "rule" except she had to wash a couple because she had to use them for dinner. Like pots and pans and stuff. Isn't that awesome!

Alison said...

That's really cool! Joel should give me that present :D

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