Saturday, March 27, 2010

bridal showers.

I was invited to a bridal shower today for one of my friends.  At the bottom of the invitation, I saw this sentence:
"This is an all lingerie/Victoria Secret gift cards shower."

Seeing as I'm not rich, I can't afford to buy this person lingerie... and probably wouldn't if I were rich.  Also, since I'm not rich, the most I could put on a gift card would be like, $10.  Which isn't bad.  I thought it'd be fun to do something silly, like normal pjs or slippers and call it lingerie... but seeing as the person who sent me this invitation is the person the shower's for, that sentence is making me wonder if she wouldn't want a joke.  She can sometimes be particular.  Still awesome, though, don't get me wrong.  And she knows I like a good joke, so maybe a joke would be okay?  If I decide not to do a joke, though, that means I have to find time between now and next weekend to go to Victoria's Secret to get a gift card.  Hmm.  Decisions, decisions.


Jessica said...

Make it a joke :) Someone is bound to do it and it might as well be you :)

Alison said...

Yeah, that's true :D I also thought about getting something from, because nothing matches :D

Brooklyn said...

I think I would have an unavoidable conflict that day :)

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