Friday, November 25, 2011

a day for celebrating

Not only was yesterday a day for celebrating thankfulness
and tasty food,
but it was also a day to celebrate the birth of

Carrie O'Dell,
who happens to be my best friend,
and probably the best roommate in the world.
(I wouldn't know exactly because I haven't had everyone in the world as roommates.
However, I'd be willing to bet that there should be no "probably" in the sentence.)

In backwards order...
Reasons why she is the best roommate ever:
1. She is easy to get along with:
I can count on zero hands the number of times we got in arguments.
2. She is an excellent cook:
We were in a dinner group together. Tasty foods.
3. She is clean, but not the kind of clean that makes you feel guilty:
We tended to have messy days at the same time,
so we actually inspired each other to clean up.
4. She likes to do social things, but not always:
We did social things because they were fun, 
but we also knew how to stay home and eat brownies.
5. She has excellent taste in movies:
Harry Potter and all the High School Musicals. 
6. She has extensive knowledge of movies:
Ever laid awake or gone crazy trying to remember what other movies someone's been in?
This will never happen with Carrie as your roommate.
7. She has good habits:
Namely, my nighttime teeth-brushing
and daily showering + hair-doing
were at an all-time high while living with Carrie.
8. Etc.
Four years ago on Carrie's birthday when BYU beat the U.
Reasons why she is awesome
Reasons why she is my best friend:
1. Her mom made us be friends.
(Shout out to Sis O'Dell!)
2. She is hilarious.
3. She has an excellent sense of style.
4. She likes to do fun things.
5. She is one of the most excited people I know:
--> She makes everything more fun.
--> If you ever have something exciting to say and are expecting a good reaction,
she will never disappoint.
6. She is supportive.
This combined with #5 = 
I seriously would've gone crazy at some points during my sophomore year
if it weren't for Carrie.
7. She went on a date with Greg.
That was awesome, people.
8. She calls it a je'taime. 
And that is just cool.
9. She likes my husband.
That would've been ridiculously hard.
10. She doesn't do mean things,
like making people feel stupid,
or otherwise being negative.

I could say 1,000,000 more things, but I won't.
Dear Sister O'Dell,
Thank you for making me share a tent with Carrie, 
even though I didn't like you at the time for it.
She is the best best friend in the world.
 Dear Carrie,
We have been best friends for 10ish years.
I feel like we should be sisters or otherwise related,
and that we should be neighbors when we grow up.
You are excellent
and I'm so thankful for you!
Also, I don't hug much or say this very often,
but just so you know,
I love you!
You are awesome.
and I'm glad you had a good birthday!

P.S. I like your watch.


Mom said...

Hey Al, do you think she would be my best friend too?! I love all those things about her too, only I don't know if she likes my husband. That would be a must.

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