Thursday, January 21, 2010

something about me...

They want me to write something about myself? How should I start?? ........

Well, I could do the whole, I'm 20, so here are 20 things about me. Or, I got married on the seventh, so here are seven things about me. Hey! I could add them up and say, My birthday is on the 27th, so here are 27 things about me!


orrr..... I could write a paragraph about how I was born in Iowa and moved to Oklahoma when I was six, have one brother and three sisters and I'm the third child, how much I love the snow, say that I'm majoring in Spanish and want to be a Spanish teacher when I grow up but that I don't really ever want to grow up, and that on August 7th, I got married to an awesome guy who's going to save the world one computer program at a time, while I am currently working as a secretary and also as an accompanist for a voice teacher because I've played the piano my whole life and that I love music of almost all kinds... but, man! That'd be a boring paragraph.

Ooh, I know! I could write one of those creatively descriptive stories...

As she opened her eyes to the alarm sounding annoyingly in her ear, she realized that, once again, she'd pushed the snooze button too many times. The young and spritely girl leaped out of bed, ninja-jumped over all the clean laundry that had yet to be folded, threw her hair back into a ponytail while washing her face with some refreshing menthol-tingly face wash, and apparated to the kitchen. Once there, she telekinesis-ed some delicious chocolate Cocoa Pebbles into a - thank goodness there was a clean one! - bowl while making her favorite kind of sandwich (plain cheese on bread) for lunch... What time is it? 7:50? Perfct! Plenty of time, she thought. Stuff the sandwich in the lunch bag, make sure husband's awake, grab extra shoes for work, pack the backpack, grab the bike... and she's off! Stumbling gracefully into the classroom at 7:59, another perfect landing for alisonmj.

Nah, no one would want to read about my morning routine. Dang. None of these ideas are working for me. I guess I'll just have to think about it some more. Until then, perhaps some pictures will suffice? (just look under this part:)


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