Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Review

As per a recommendation by a guy at work, Joel and I 
decided to watch this movie tonight.  This is my review.

I thought it was really good!  Okay, granted, the plot was kind of weird.  I am not a shopaholic, and if that's how they really think, that was a new and kind of weird insight for me.  But I liked the plot anyway :)  But this is my favorite part and the real reason I'm writing this review:

It's kind of a romantic comedy...
and it's rated PG.
Yes, PG.  Not PG-13.  Not R.  Not anything but PG.  

Now let's talk about me and romantic comedies/chick flicks.  
I like them.  I think they're fun and funny and cute.  
But if it's PG-13 (which most are), you can count on there being at least one scene.
"Oh, it's such a good movie! but there's one scene..."
One of those scenes.
--> I never get to see the chick flicks I want to see because more than I want to see the movie, 
I don't want to see that scene.  It always ruins the rest of the movie for me.  
But when I get to see them, I do enjoy chick flicks.  
Now let's get back to the review.

The main character and her boss fall in love with each other, and there are two scenes where they kiss.  These scenes are 100% appropriate and last an appropriate amount of time.  They don't get super-excessive.  They don't keep those scenes on for more than like, 15 seconds.  And there are absolutely ZERO inappropriate jokes.  Also, as you may have deduced, there are no uncomfortable scenes.  And not only that, but there are absolutely ZERO implications of uncomfortable scenes.  None of this, "Well, they never show anything, but you know what happens."  I hate those, too.  Summary: The movie is kind of a romantic comedy - as in, it contains both of those elements, romance and comedy - but it definitely focuses more on the actual story than on the romance part, and I really liked that.

So although it was kind of a weird plot and I don't know if normally I would buy this movie, 
the fact that it can be fun and funny and cute AND clean makes me want to buy it.  
Just to give my couple dollars of support.  
Because even though I don't have a very big voice in terms of the media,
I still like to throw out my two cents every once in a while.


Carrie Ann said...

you should also watch leap year. it's also PG. and way cute.

Carrie Ann said...

i LOVE that movie!!! it was so good!

Emily Hope said...

I liked this movie too! I love looking at all of the clothes and shoes.

Jessica said...

I loved that movie!! So funny, in fact it is a movie that I'd like to own. I even had a friend claim that she would like to watch it for FHE- haha :) Teach her kids about money or budgeting or something :) I love romantic comedies as well and I can't get enough of them!

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