Thursday, February 3, 2011

Harry Potter 6: Part 1

I had way more to say about this book than the others - I think because I mostly read it instead of listening, so it went slower and I thought about things more. Anyway, here's part one of my thoughts :)

Snape's life is so sad :(
So now we know Snape leaves Hogwarts 
during the  summer. Does everyone? Because 
when Trelawney was sacked she said she 
had nowhere else to go.  
"I do not think you need to worry
about being attacked tonight... You 
are with me."  I would feel so safe with 
Dumbledore, even if it was awkward 
being with him outside of school.
Does Hermione ever go home?  She's always 
at the Burrow before Harry gets there.
I wish I could cook and clean (especially
clean!) with magic.
[When Mrs. Weasley's talking about how 
Arthur wasn't one of Slughorn's favorites] 
"Well, that shows you - even Slughorn 
makes mistakes!"  That's so cute 
how proud she is of her husband :)
Mrs. W: "What is your dearest ambition?"
Mr. W: "To find out how airplanes stay up."
What do you like me to call you when 
we're alone together?  
"'Molly Wobbles,'" whispered a mortified 
Mrs. Weasley."
"To complete this vision of perfection, 
she was carrying a heavily-laden 
breakfast tray."
Boy Voldemort is pretty creepy,
but I also kind of feel bad for him.
Poor Merope.  Every time it talks about 
how ugly she is, I go into "What Not To 
Wear" mode and think, "I bet if she 
washed her hair and wore makeup and 
generally took care of herself, she 
wouldn't be ugly."  But then I remember 
that I always imagine her as looking 
like a man with a huge nose.
Morfin deserves to be on the same
floor as Lockhart in St. Mungo's.
"Harry could not help admiring her 
spellwork at a time like this." I love when 
Hermione sends her birds to attack
Ron. Also, I really liked this scene in the movie.


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