Friday, September 23, 2011


For those of you interested in Photoshop but not in the price tag, I found something really cool for you!  I happened across it while using StumbleUpon today.  I only played around on it for a few minutes - long enough to do one picture - but here's the basic rundown...

It's called Aviary.
It includes four different image editors, two audio editors, and one screen capture program.

  • Advanced Image Editor - This looks almost exactly like Photoshop, only watered down a little.
  • Vector Editor - I don't really know how to use vectors in editing pictures, so this didn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
  • Effects Editor - Lets you put different effects/textures/etc. on your photos, as far as I can tell. 
  • Image Markup - This seems to be mostly for cropping, resizing, and marking up images or screenshots, like if you want to put a big red circle around something in a picture or something like that.
  • Music Creator - Didn't use it, but it says it's for using instruments to make your own beats, etc.
  • Audio Editor - Didn't use it, but seems to be pretty similar to GarageBand.
  • Screen Capture - Use it if you want to "take a picture" of what your screen currently looks like. 

It's all on the Internet, so you don't have to use up a bunch of memory on your computer.
You can easily download your edited stuff once you finish - I tried it.
It's freeeeeeee!
You only have to create an account if you want to save online - otherwise, you just do your editing, download the end result to your computer, and you're done!

CONCLUSION: I only used it a little, but this is really awesome. Seriously. You should try it if you want Photoshop or GarageBand and don't have them or the cash to buy them.  I would use it, honestly, if I didn't have Photoshop already.  And I might use it anyway sometimes if I'm not on my own computer and still want to do something cool to a picture.


Holland Hettinger said...

Hi Alison! Just found this (via Facebook) and have re-realized that you are awesome. <3

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