Monday, December 5, 2011


No, no.
Not that kind of lost.

from, taken by Alfonso Lima
This kind.
These are tricky little accessories.
Not when you use them - they're pretty simple to use.
They're tricky in the "keeping track of them" aspect.
Luckily, I usually only lose one or two at a time,
which isn't so bad,
since I also tend to find them one or two at a time:
while I'm vacuuming,
while Joel's vacuuming,
while picking up socks,
while otherwise scouring the carpet for tiny pieces of black metal.
Since they get lost all the time,
I have to buy new ones every so often.

Last time I bought a new package,
I lost the whole thing.

from, taken by Konrad Baranski
I know.
It's pretty sad.
I kept thinking it would turn up in its grocery bag somewhere,
but it's been over a month.
I don't think they're coming back.
I guess I'll buy more...

I mean,
they are only 88 cents.


Alysha and Jason said...

I ALWAYS LOSE THEM! Why on earth does this occur?

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