Friday, June 28, 2013

yard update

When we moved into our house, the yard hadn't been taken care of for about a year.  As a result, our yard hasn't quite reached the "looks nice" stage because it's still in the "being reclaimed" stages.  It used to look crazy; now it looks a little less so.  Here are some pictures!  We still have a ways to go, but we're really happy with how much progress we've made so far.

So, you can see we have a lot of weeds on the outskirts, but check out that grass! Green! 
We're growing strawberries in the holes, and we haven't put anything in the actual bed yet.  Baby steps.

Working on some raspberries!

Thank you, Joel!  Also, check out those dandelions!

This picture is a couple months old.  These (and other) weeds are currently my height.

Check out these massive green onions!  The paring knife is in the picture for scale.  We left these onions in the ground over the winter, and this is how I picked them in the spring.  Nice!


"'Remember, mundanity can be elevated to art by perception alone.'"  - Vince Gonzalez, as quoted by Po Bronson in Why Do I Love These People?


Barbara said...

It looks so nice! And I love the green onions. I planted mine from seed. They're about 3 inches tall.

Stefan said...

I need to send you some seeds for those round, yellow cucumbers. That would make your garden look TERRIFIC!!

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