Friday, January 3, 2014

Airborne Gummies

I got a free bottle of Airborne's new stuff in return for an honest review, so I'm sharing my review with you lucky ducks!  

First off, I was super excited to get them in the mail because it was a FULL-SIZED bottle!  Not just a sample!  And I was really curious about the fact that these new supplements are gummies.  I'm not usually a big fan of the taste of Airborne, so I thought if these were gummies, maybe they'd be designed for kids and have better flavor.  

When I got them, I actually put off eating them for several days because - I'll be honest - they look weird.  They have granulated sugar on the outside, so the inside of the bottle has sugar all over it.  For some reason that made me think they were going to be gross.  Plus, the label says they have "35 mg of Herbal Blend including Echinacea and Ginger."  Basically, I was expecting to eat a gummy that tasted like herbs with sugar on top.

WRONG!  These are seriously delicious.  When I first read that three gummies were one serving and an adult could have up to three servings per day, I was skeptical.  "Who wants to eat that many herby supplements?"  The answer: Me and Joel.  They're really good!  They legitimately taste like what they're supposed to [pink = grapefruit, red = mixed berry].  I want to eat them like candy.

Anyway, I'm not supposed to tell you that these prevented me from getting sick, protected me from germs (especially in crowded places), reduced the severity of my cold, or anything like that.  I will, however, tell you that Airborne Gummies are the tastiest "immune system support" I've ever eaten, and if you ever feel yourself in need of an "immune support supplement" or "blast of Vitamin C plus 9 Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs," you should try these.

Oh, and here's a coupon if you want one!

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