Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blog Topic #2: Tracking Progress

The kinds of activities I monitor my progress on depend on what types of goals I have set for myself.  For example, the main thing I am currently tracking my progress in is my schoolwork.  The biggest academic goal I'm focusing on right now is to get all A's in my classes this semester, so I have little goals to help me get there.  Some of those include doing the reading for every class, every time there is reading; doing the bigger assignments that are worth points; studying ahead of time for tests instead of the night before... you get the drift.  I track my progress academically by highlighting on my syllabi when I have finished a reading or other kind of assignment - then, when I want to see how I'm doing, I can check my syllabi and see where I need to put forth a little extra effort.  For example, this weekend, I've been doing a lot of make-up reading for my Spanish lit class :)  This method works really well for me because it's easy to take a look at a list and see where I'm at, how I'm doing.  

I also have spiritual goals, like being a good visiting teacher (visiting each month, but also being more of a friend to my teachees) and attending the temple every month with my husband.  These types of goals are easy to track because they have deadlines.  When I have more abstract goals, though, like "being more of a friend," my tracking is also more abstract.  I think of what I may have done lately to accomplish that goal - whether I've seen them in the past few days or said hi at church last week, or remembered a birthday in a couple days, etc.  Then, if I feel I'm lacking, I make a goal to do something to help me get closer to accomplishing my goal.  

Tracking my progress helps me to attain my goals.  It lets me see where I need to put in extra effort and where I'm doing a good job.  It allows me to see where I can improve.  It helps me avoid feeling upset with myself at the end of the semester, or after a test when I haven't done well, because I can see all along the way.  


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