Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blog Topic #5: Reading a Textbook

How long can you sustain attention for textbook reading before you start to lose concentration?
It depends on what textbook it is.  If it's a subject that doesn't interest me, or if it's more difficult reading, I can only pay attention (without taking notes - if I am taking notes, it's a little longer) for probably 20-30 minutes.  However, sometimes I can get into really good concentration, and then I can focus for much longer.

What are some of the things you do to stay focused on reading assignments that are long, dry, flat and boring?
Before I read, I like to read my scriptures.  That helps me to establish good concentration.  I don't listen to music, and I try not to do or talk much between reading my scriptures and doing homework - this helps me retain that concentration.  Then, while I'm reading, I sometimes will read out loud, and it also helps if I take notes or at least underline while I read.

Describe your process of reading a textbook. (What do you do first? Do you have a "system"? etc"
Well, I kind of answered that after the second question... But I read my scriptures, make sure I'm in a comfortable, but not TOO comfortable place, and then do my textbook reading, often while taking notes. 


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