Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Harry Potter

I have already talked about this a little, but let me explain.

Carrie is my best not-my-husband friend.
The fact that we are friends is her mom's fault.  (more about that another time.)
We are doing something awesome.

Called a Harry Potter marathon!

I'm definitely excited.  I love Harry Potter so much.  I have a t-shirt claiming that I am Hermione, and I also have a magic wand that is so perfect for me!  I found it at Girl's Camp.  You know what they say - the wand chooses the wizard.  Anyway, when the books first came out, my grandma bought our family one of them, and we've been reading ever since.  They're the reason one of my sisters now enjoys reading.  Our family went to Walmart at midnight for the last 4-5 books so we could have them right when they came out.  Mom read them to us as a family, so no one ever knew what would happen before anyone else, and we always finished after the rest of the world.  But it was fun.  Mom would sit in her big chair, get a cup of water, and read a few chapters.  Sometimes one, sometimes two or three.  We often asked for more chapters than she read, but it makes your voice tired to read three chapters of a book out loud!  Especially a book with Harry Potter-sized chapters.  
I was talking to Carrie about Harry Potter a couple of weeks ago, and we decided it'd be fun during the summer to have a Harry Potter marathon/book club.  We're reading the books at the same time, and then every time we finish a book, we watch the corresponding movie while eating food inspired by the book we just finished.  And we usually spend the movie watching it, but also critiquing it and talking about which parts we wish they would've left in the movies, etc.  We hope to finish the seventh one at the time the seventh movie comes out in November, but let's be honest - we'll be done WAY before that.  We knew we would be, so maybe we'll just end up waiting until November to read the seventh book. I don't know.  I just know that it's fun!  I've been listening to them at work because someone has kindly uploaded them onto youtube.  Forgive me if it's illegal and I love it - but I would've just checked out the audio version at the library anyway, not purchased it.  It's been interesting, though, how much it helps me concentrate at work.  It works much better than music, for some reason.  
Moral of the story: Harry Potter is awesome.  And don't be surprised if I put up random quotes or things I'm thinking about while I'm at work listening to Harry Potter.  

Also, this post format is dedicated to Carrie because she usually doesn't write her blog with left alignment or whatever it's called.  Usually it's in the middle, sometimes it's on the right, occasionally on the left.  So I decided to try it with right-hand alignment.  I'll be honest - it's kind of fun.


Greg and Elisha Reese said...

Watch out this is a long comment... So I love Harry Potter!!! Anyway I was reading your blog and I clicked on your friend Carrie's link to look at her blog. Well one of her post is about how she likes orange and blue together and there is a picture of a blue house with an orange door...That is our neighbor!!! Funny connection, kinda pointless comment but that is what is so great about it. Also I would like to know what foods your are going to eat to go with the movies I've been trying my hand at creating a butter beer (not with real beer), I'll let you know if a perfect one!

Alison said...

I'm so glad you love Harry Potter, too! And can I just say, that is CRAZY that that person is your neighbor! About the food - I'm actually about to write about that... Our butterbeer experiment waaassss not that successful. Maybe you have a better recipe than ours was :D Oh - our entertainment coupon books came in the mail this week! I'll have to come visit so I can give you yours :)

Greg and Elisha Reese said...

Yeah definitely!!!! We should probably plan a game night so that you can bring that over! That way we can eat popcorn and play games.

Carrie Ann said...

alison, let's be honest. your shirt says "i hermione." not "i am hermione." come on.

Carrie Ann said...

and that's true. i hate left alignment in my blog posts.

Rachel-the cool kid said...

Elisha, instead of using real beer since we are,Mormon, you could use root beer. And if you wanted to get even more Mormon, DIET ROOT BEER! Alison, is your sister(the one that started reading because of HP)me? Because I did. I think that that is a really good idea al! With the book and the movie and the food. Since you know that you are going to finish with lots of time left then you could just finish #7 and go and pick up #1 and start over! That would be fun. Kelli and I are having a contest. She has to finish the last 3 books of The Work and the Glory plus finish the HP series(she is on #5 i think) before I finish Fahrenheit 451 and the HP series. I am on #2. The real contest is try to be done first. I think that I can.Love you!

Alison said...

Carrie - I know. But I thought people would just think I didn't know how to type and left out the "am." I shouldn't have lied. I have learned my lesson.

And having right alignment is fun.

Rachel - Yes, that was you :) Good luck finishing first! I liked Fahrenheit 451 a lot. And also, why would diet root beer be more Mormon? :)

Alison said...

Elisha - Yeah, that sounds fun! Let's plan a fun time. :)

Jen Bowen said...

I love Harry Potter too and love listening to the books on tape. They make doing things like cleaning the apartment and doing the dishes more pleasant as well. Do you listen to the ones by Jim Dale? His weird pronunciations seem to match the ones you've mentioned before.

Alison said...

I usually listen to Jim Dale, but on youtube, they have the Jim Dale one and one by some other guy who reads the British version of the book, and I listen to his when there's a section of Jim Dale's missing.

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