Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I want to buy one of these pitchers so bad.  I wish they weren't $40.  But look how pretty it is!  I would feel so pretty and somehow sophisticated pouring water out of one of these into some guest at my house's cup. Go the website and click "Play Gurgle" and you'll get to hear what it sounds like every time you pour water out of it.  My favorites are the blue, green, coral, and red.  This green one would be so beautiful with my dishes.

So pretty!


Jessica said...

How fun! I love it :) You should definitely get one!

Alison said...

I know! I really want to!

Carrie Ann said...

that's so cool! i listened to it. Alison. you should totally buy one of those. i would come drink water at your house every day!

Tiana said...

That's so cute! I really really like it! I want a red one!

Alison said...

Carrie - isn't it a sweet sound! I'm excited to get one someday. I'll invite you over to drink water all the time. :)
Tiana - I LOVE the red one!

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