Tuesday, January 11, 2011

alisonism #12: pigeons

I am pigeon-toed. 

Well, not actually that kind of pigeon-toed. I've heard that's much more rare.
But I am. You can't always tell if you just see me walking around - I think I'm less pigeon-toed than I used to be when I was younger. But, if you pay attention, you might notice that I'm pigeon-toed when...
I walk up stairs.
I land after jumping.
I am nervous/not confident.
I'm feeling kind of lazy.
I'm sitting down with my legs stretched out.
I need extra balance.
Also, if I try to focus on walking with straight feet, I usually think about walking like this:
 and it all works out.

Gus: [on his work at Psych] This is just something I do on the side. A hobby, really, like collecting thimbles or, um... raising carrier pigeons.
Frankjim Ogletree: You raise carrier pigeons?
Gus: No, not at all. That's totally lame. I just said that because I was flustered.  
Ogletree: I raise carrier pigeons.
Gus: I'm glad you said that. Because I was afraid to tell you how cool I thought carrier pigeons are. Flying around and carrying stuff, coming back... awesome!


Carrie Ann said...

i love gus.

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