Monday, January 31, 2011

Mérida, México

Guess what!  I got accepted to do a study abroad program in Mérida, México, this spring! I'm sooooo excited!

Frequently Asked Questions:
It's in southern Mexico, on the Yucatán Peninsula, pretty close to Guatemala on the west and Cancún on the east.  Right next to the beach!
No, Joel isn't coming and yes, that will be suuuuper hard.
I will be going to a Mexican university in Mérida and living with a (most-likely) Catholic family :)
I will be there for six weeks - approx. April 29 - June 16. 

Also, guess what - I was just looking up some things about Mérida and they even have a temple, so that'll be fun, too.  I really like going through the temple in Spanish. :)

I'm so excited to finally get to visit a country that speaks the language I'm studying!  It will be super fun to get to improve my Spanish with so many Spanish-speakers. (I even had to sign a contract that I will only speak up to half an hour of English per day! not including when I'm talking to Joel.)  I'm excited to get to be with the people/culture that I've studied, and it will help me feel so much more capable and qualified as a Spanish teacher.  If you have any other questions, let me know! :)



Jessica said...

SO FUN!! I am excited for you :) You should talk Joel into coming to pick you up or something :) I will barely miss you since I will be coming while you are gone, sorry that didn't work out. Maybe I'll see a lot of Joel since you will be gone.

Joel said...

Yeah, that would be nice. Except someone needs to stay home and earn the money to pay for this trip. :P

Tiana said...

Hey Alison! That is so exciting that you are going to Mexico! My roommate is going on that study abroad too! Her name is Michelle. I hope you have so much fun!

Carrie Ann said...

YAY! i'm so excited for you! we need to watch HP5 in espanol! it will be awesome. i feel like angsty spanish harry is going to be even better than angsty british harry.

Alison said...

I know! It's going to be so awesome!

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