Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Aristocats

Did you know it's a musical?  As in, a musical that a community theater can put on?

Me, neither.  But it is!  And I forgot to write about it when it happened, but on my birthday this year, I went to see a boy in my Primary class act in "The Aristocats" with the community group and it was adorable.  The oldest child in the group was probably 9-ish, so most of them didn't know the words or dance moves.  Nevertheless, it was awesome and I loved it.  Here's me with my little cat friend.

Please disregard the fact that the angle, etc., make this not the greatest picture for me and instead love how great that cat is. :)


Annegirl said...

Love. Awesome primary teacher!

Mom said...


Sam Eddington said...

That is, indeed, an awesome cat.

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