Wednesday, October 31, 2012

thoughts on Halloween

Tonight was my first real giving-out-treats-for-trick-or-treaters experience, and it was every bit as awesome as I always imagined it would be.  I counted how many groups came to the door, and we got 50!  And almost every single time the doorbell rang, I literally became giddy with excitement.  It was so fun :)  Here are some things I thought tonight...

midget Joel
- It really doesn't bother me when older kids come trick-or-treating, as long as they're at least dressed up. We had some kids come who I think are like, 18, and I thought it was fun because they were dressed up and into it, but we also had a group of three 15-ish-year-old girls come who weren't even trying to look dressed up.  They just had plain t-shirts, jeans, and purses.  I wanted to deny them candy.
P.S. Joel (and Carrie if we're neighbors at this point like we should be) - When we turn like, 90, we should go trick-or-treating. I think that would be hilarious to get old people trick-or-treaters, so we should do someone else the favor when we're old. Oh - not as escorts to little kids.  Just as old people.

hipster Alison
- I don't care if you are in my Primary class - you don't visit the same house twice (unless you're really great friends or something, because then it's not just about getting candy out of people).

- Isn't turning off your porch light the universal signal that you've run out of candy? (Why, yes, I was granted the privilege of running out of candy on Halloween! :)

- [as I'm walking to the door]: "Hey, this is the Spanish teacher's house!" [and, as they walk away]: "What are the chances?" (comic on that topic)

- I am so much more disposed to think kindly of you when you say thank you than when you take my candy and run away.  (Luckily, that was only a couple of kids.)

- One of my Primary kids was so focused on the fact that he was trick-or-treating that, when I said, "Hello, [name]," I think he had no idea who I was. :) Adorable.

- I'm kind of sad that Halloween is over.  It's never been my favorite holiday, but it was a lot more fun with a house for some reason.  I loved it this year. :)

¡¡Happy Halloween!!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your glasses! The headband isn't bad either.

Jessica said...

Love the costumes. Love the comic. Also, I can't wait for Halloween next year, I have plans now that we'll own a house in a neighborhood that will actually get trick-or-treaters. It will be great fun (: I am glad you had fun!

Stefan said...

Ali...I have always loved Halloween, too. Ever since I was a kid going out to get my stash, I've loved the feel and the smells of the holiday. Kind of a funny thing to do, I guess, when you think of it. But Halloween ushers in my favorite two months of the year, so now I'm almost beside myself with giddiness. I'm glad you had a good time, too.

Annegirl said...

Awesome. And midget Joel is hilarious.

Holland Hettinger said...


Cassyielicious said...

Um, can I move into you neighborhood when I'm old so I can be a senior citizen trick or treater?

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