Saturday, May 18, 2013

good music

I have learned that an idle mind really is the devil's playground.  (Thank you, The Music Man.)

When I'm bored is usually when I notice things that I do "wrong," like not make dinner when I literally can't stand up my feet hurt so bad because I'm a good teacher, or get weeds in the lawn.  Because I'm bored or not doing anything, it's easy to fixate on those thoughts (because no other new ones are coming up).

Thankfully, I've also learned that, for me, the antidote is to be by myself in my craft room and work on some menial task (like hand stitching or cutting swirls out of felt to make a flower wreath) while listening to music.   It always works.  My mind has something new to think about, but I don't have to think hard, which means I kind of just melt away.  Then, when I'm done, I'm as good as new.

Sometimes people say that meaningful experiences are coincidences.

But then, sometimes you feel a little sad and turn on Pandora, and then songs like these come on:

(If you want a playlist instead of clicking on each song, by the way, click here.)

"The Middle" (Jimmy Eat World) - Hey, don't write yourself off / It's only in your head... / Just try your best...

"Happy" - Jesse Palter & The Alter Ego - I used to feel that to be happy / everybody had to be so fond of me. / Now that just sounds silly...  / Things happen perfectly never... / Life is love and love is music. / You get one chance, so you can't abuse it. / I learned to simply smile through / and I'm so happy!

"Rich Girl" - Hall & Oates - This song has a swear word in it, but I didn't realize what they were saying, and it's the line "You know it doesn't matter anyway" that gets me, anyway. :)

"Golden Slumber" - Ben Folds - Do not cry / and I will sing a lullaby.

And then, even though you really weren't feeling that bad to begin with, now you feel great.  And to people who call that a coincidence, you say, "Bah humbug."


"We don't become good people.  We simply cease, slowly, to be deluded by the layers."  - Po Bronson, Why Do I Love These People?


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golden slumbers by benny. yes.

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