Thursday, May 16, 2013

my favorite time-spenders

I would have called these "time-wasters," but not all of them are a waste of time. So there.
This is a list of what I do when I have 30 minutes to do something.
This is not a list of my hobbies or interests. 
My hobbies and interests are much more interesting than most of these. 
That list is for another day.

reading blogs / checking Feedly
reading The 100 Hour Board
seeing what's for sale today on PickYourPlum
checking Facebook
watching "What Not To Wear"
sitting on the porch
getting the mail
watering the berries
doing other small gardening tasks
checking Pinterest 
(but only if there's a variety of recent pins and they're not all on the same topic, 
unless that topic is Harry Potter and / or funny)
looking out the window
signing up for free samples online
checking my email
checking my school email
checking my "send me samples" email
cleaning to good music turned up too loud
walking around aimlessly deciding what to do
 looking at things that need to be done
deciding not to do the above-mentioned things
starting Christmas movies I recorded and still haven't watched
thinking about updating my blog
writing blog update ideas and / or actually updating the blog

putting my shoes on and my purse together, 
because my 30 minutes is probably over and it's time to go do something


"'Proud and insolent youth,' said Hook, 'prepare to meet thy doom.'  'Dark and sinister man,' Peter answered,' have at thee.'  Without more words they fell to…"  - J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


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