Monday, December 9, 2013

the most bizarre note I ever intercepted

If you're uncomfortable with potty talk, this post is not for you!

Don't say I didn't try.  

As a teacher, I see a lot of funny things.  I see a lot of weird things.  I also occasionally see notes being passed around.  Usually they're notes like, "Wat did u bring 4 lunch?" or "Do you no were my backpack is?"  [misspellings intentional, on my part]  One time I got a girl's full after-school schedule, to the minute: "3:24 Get home. 3:25 Eat 4 cookies.  3:37 Watch TV.  4:18 Get ready for dance..." etc.  When I see kids passing notes, my policy is that the notes become mine.  I walk over, hold out my hand, and the contraband communication is handed over.  

A couple weeks ago, I intercepted a note unlike any other.  It was a poem, to be sung to the tune of "I Love to See the Temple."  I'm warning you - it's pretty disgusting.  But I also find it hilarious that someone would actually take the time to write this, so I had to share it with someone.  You're the chosen ones.  All spelling and grammar has been left as written by the original author.

Lyricts written by: [name removed]
tune: I [heart] to see the temple

I love to see the tolet.
When I have to poo.
I pee with the poo.
to make it more juciy.

Courus: because a tolet
is a wonder ful place, a
place of love and poopy.
I will poop in it evry
day.  and treat it

2nd vers: on the back

2n vers:
I love to look at my
poo, when I am hungry
I use my pee for lovly
scrup [syrup]. and eat it respectfuly.

Courus: Because a tolet is
a wonderful place, a place of
love and poopy.  I will poop
on it evry day. and treat
it respecfuly.

the end:


“You don’t think - not Moaning Myrtle?”
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Kathleen said...

Oh my. I have nothing to say to this.

Bree Ammons said...

kids are so weird. I remember some of the things I used to say and am embarrassed that I used to think that was funny. Well, let's all be grateful that we (for the most part) grow up :)

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