Thursday, May 26, 2016

practicing creativity

I read an article that said practicing creativity - like writing - helps get it flowing, so I got a journal specifically for that endeavor and try to write in it 10 minutes/day.

"Think of this not as a 'daily goings-on' journal, but more of a 'things I could potentially blog about' journal.  A pontification journal?  Anyway, I've noticed that writing in my gratitude journal helps me think of things to write about in my gratitude journal, so I'm hoping this will do the same.
A 'stream of consciousness' journal?
A 'free write' journal?"

I love spring-timey weather, where the coats stay hung up and, when I'm in my office, I hear kids screaming at the park and talking while walking home from school.  That means people are outside again.

What should we do for our next date night?  I want something without food since it's not starting until 7, but maybe not a movie?  What is there to do after 7 that's not food or a movie?  Maybe an arcade-type place or something.  


There is always a reason that people do things a certain way.
Jenn Riding


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