Monday, May 30, 2016

What time is it? SUMMERTIME

photo credit to Joseph Hoban via

(Do I have a post every summer with that title?.....)

Everyone's talking about summer right now - Are you excited for it?  Are you excited school's almost out?  Do you have any summer plans?  Are you going anywhere?

Here's what I think.

I'm excited for my kids to sleep a little later
To go swimming and to the splash pad and the lake / pond thing.
To wear my cover-ups and sun hats.
To have the whole day free instead of just until 2:00.
To be more spontaneous with plans.
To see our flowers fill in and our yard get prettier.
To grill for dinner and eat picnics.
To go to baseball games and practices.

No, we don't have any big plans, and we don't know if we're going anywhere.  Do people already know that?  Unless you're flying, needing a hotel, or meeting other people, how far in advance do you need to plan?

To have a regular summer routine.
To go to waterparks.

I want my kids to play with their friends.  I want to go on dates with Joel.  I want to go on a temple tour [visit temples in Utah].  California - the beach, my sister, Disneyland, the fabric district.  Family pictures.  Making some videos.

We're gonna need more than one summer. :)


On the off-chance that you won’t live forever, maybe you should try being happy now.
The Newsroom


Mom said...

I think you should come to Shugey and Ace's house!

Brooke Evans said...

The sister one! Do that!

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