Thursday, June 2, 2016

When you have a gratitude attitude...

Sometimes I feel the need to complain about certain things just because that's what people (or women) do, not because I actually care.

In high school, people would complain about being tired, so when people asked how I was, I would often reply, "Tired!" and laugh.

It's so normal for women to complain about their children and husbands that I have, I'm embarrassed to admit, caught myself complaining about things that don't actually bother me or that are endearing about my husband and children.  I wonder what in the world I'm saying, where it came from, and try to figure out how to end my thought sounding like a compliment to my family instead.

Little Girl told me twice a few weeks ago that I had a big belly / there should be a baby in me.  But I knew the reason was because I'd just drunk a ton of water, I'm trying to be healthier, and even though it was a little weird at first, I laughed it off and feel fine about it now.  Still, there were several times that night with Joel that I almost slipped it into a lull in conversation, just because it seemed like it should've bothered me more.

Am I a lone complainer who has to fight to keep her mouth shut, or are we all too comfortable with complaining?  Let's become people obsessed with talking about gratitude instead. :)


The real question should be - how can I appreciate this moment more?  There is always some positive in the moment that we can notice and appreciate.  I have two arms, two legs, I’m breathing.  Life is good.
The Gratitude Diaries
Gretchen Rubin


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