Wednesday, May 26, 2010

entertainment book

Have you seen one of THESE before?

They are full of awesome coupons and deals on everything from restaurants to car rentals.  I want to buy one, I think.  Joel said we might go spend money just to use the coupons, but the way I see it is, we go out to eat and on dates anyway, so why not go to ones in this book and save some money?  I don't think it would take very long to make up for buying it.  They're usually kind of expensive but are on a special deal right now - 2 for $20 AND free shipping.  The thing is... I don't need two of them.  I'll probably buy one for $15, but if anyone (especially those of you in my area) would like to split the deal with me so we can both have one for $10 each, please let me know!  


Greg and Elisha Reese said...

If no one else wants to split with you, I'll do it!!!

Alison said...

sweet! I'm thinking I'll probably order it today and have it sent to my house, and then when it comes, it will give me an excuse to see you guys! :) I'm so excited - for the book and to see you guys :D

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