Wednesday, May 12, 2010

making the bed

Okay, first of all, let's get this straight - I like to have my bed made.

And with that said, let me share with you the most logical argument I've ever heard for not making the bed:

"My wife always asks me why I don't make the bed. For the same reason I don't tie my shoes after I take them off!"

In my opinion, that totally beats out the "because I'm just going to be getting back in!" logic that I've found to be the most common among non-bedmakers. Thanks, Jim Gaffigan. Although I still prefer to have my bed made, not making it seems way more logical now than it did before.


Carrie Ann said...

my mom told me that people make the bed so that spiders don't crawl in during the day. i hate making my bed, but when i remember about that, i make my bed. ugh.

Joel said...

Whether you like it made or not, it's still a waste of time.

Alison said...

EW. That is a disgusting reason to make the bed. My parents said it, too - they always told us to make sure to make our beds when we went on vacation so there wouldn't be bugs in them when we got back. Yuck. And Joel, not it's not. If for no other reason, it's not a waste of time because it keeps the sheets and blankets from bunching all up over and over and then falling off during the night.

Greg and Elisha Reese said...

Blankets are a bed's clothing. You can't let it go naked all day it gets cold.

Julie said...

To say nothing of the feeling you have when you walk into your bedroom! When the bed is made, you feel clean and happy. When it's unmade, totally opposite. You can actually feel it in your heart. You're in a better mood when you see a put together bed. It's also a way to fake yourself out because when the bed is clean, it almost makes you feel like your whole room is clean, even when it isn't! I'm all about getting a bigger bang for your buck!!

Alison said...

Elisha - hahahahahhaa I love that :D And Mom - I know, I totally agree!

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