Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This post is specifically for one of my most amazing friends, Erika.  We have approximately 1,000,000x more inside jokes than I have with just about anyone else.  Every time I see her, I usually end up peeing my pants and/or crying because I'm laughing so much.  She asked the other day if I still had the Monster Truck Rally shirt she gave me for my 14th birthday.  I definitely still have it.  (Sidenote: She also gave me two of my top 5 favorite pairs of socks that birthday.)  Since she reminded me of it, I decided to wear it yesterday.  And then I met George Foreman!  And we took this picture together.  I like to call it "Self Portrait."  This is totally for you, Erika.

Also, Jamisa Bedellagraham, geometry teacher racing Horatio, said teacher looking like a duck and also wearing duck-like shoes, Jack Handey, fruit that screams when you eat it, crows calling Kaw's name, writing haikus in Mrs. Crofford's class, Peeping Tom, George, Magritte, typing things with fingers one letter off, being in Mrs. Howland's class and doing the peanut butter and jelly dance to that song on those Oklahoma movies, having the same dream the same night where we were pregnant with twins and didn't know who the dad was, being Laodicea, What kind of garden grows the most vegetables? A flash garden!, fubar (the facebook Christmas present you gave me that one time - you should check out our wall-to-wall from that time. It's awesome), my favorite pencil that I've had since 6th grade (that I still have!) except missing a little part that I lost in the library in 8th grade, being Lasheha Brown from our geometry book, you being Igor Ilagorishvili (sp?), me being Jewison because I look like a Jew, owning a Jewraser and Stefan being a Jewasaur, me being Albert, me being She Eddingto.  Etc.


Mom said...

You should somehow change your post to say "truck" instead of "track", since that's what the shirt says!

Alison said...

oh yeah :) Thanks, Mom :)

The Youngest Kitchen Maid said...


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