Friday, September 10, 2010

alisonism #7: Q-tips

I would probably die without Q-tips.  Not cotton swab sticks.  Q-tips.  
I use them more often than just when I get out of the shower, but 
because it's an odd topic, we'll leave it at that.
And that I love them.


And yes, I have bought a double pack of those huge containers before.


Mom said...

And if it weren't for me, you would have never known about them! I could have been one of those mothers that used those little sticks with the little cotton pieces on the end that are trying to copycat Q-tips........You're welcome.

Brooklyn said...

ME TOO. I buy them pretty much only at Costco. And I think last time, I got 1875 total.

Thanks, Mom.

Alison said...

Yep, thanks, Mom!

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