Saturday, September 11, 2010

mmm, crêpes

Fact: My husband is the best crêpe maker ever.

Last night was our Harry Potter 4 extravaganza.
To celebrate the French food that the house elves made the Beauxbatons students during
the Tri-Wizard Tournament, we decided to made crêpes as our HP4 food.
Now, add raspberries, chocolate chips, whipped cream, strawberries,
Nutella, powdered sugar, syrup, and a big cup of milk
to the fact that my husband is the best crêpe maker ever,
And you have one delicious crêpe-eating night.



Mom said...

I heard about it from one of your guests and my mouth watered, you lucky duck!

Natalie and Nathan said...

And we weren't even invited. And i love crepes. Why do you hate me? :' (

Kelsey said...

I love that you made up a very vague and long off excuse to eat nutella and fruit wrapped in sugar and flour and topped of with addition sugar type things. You are my kind of lady.

Alison said...

Kelsey, can you believe Joel doesn't like nutella? I had him try one of my delicious nutella-filled crêpes to try and change his mind but was unsuccessful. How sad.

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