Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brandy Alexander

This song completely has me wanting to name our daughter, if we ever have one, Brandy Alexander.  Something about it makes me feel like it would be perfectly acceptable, even though I know the name Alexander isn't a girl's name, even for a middle name.  Listen to it and then try telling me I'm not right.

Note:  I just looked up the lyrics for the first time and learned that the song is not, in fact, about a girl named Brandy Alexander, but a boy that's being compared to a Brandy Alexander, which is an alcoholic drink, another thing I didn't know.  Soo.... Pretend a Brandy Alexander isn't a drink and that the words are "Brandy Alexander is always getting into trouble," since I always thought that's what they were, and and then try telling me you don't agree with it being a cute name :)  


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