Friday, April 8, 2011


I found this shirt on Amazon I was searching for "Malaysia is awesome" paraphernalia on Google.

In the entire life of my blog, I have had 12 views from Malaysia.  Four in the last week.  It is not an astronomically high number in a short amount of time (like my 31 views from Italy that one day).  There are no "search terms" listed leading people to my blog (as has happened with some Spanish stuff I have posted).  It is not a single view, which could be interpreted as someone who mistakenly found my blog.  These reasons lead me to believe that there is not, in fact, some kind of hacker or bot, but perhaps a real person viewing my blog.  If so, Welcome, Malaysian person.  It's fun to have you here. :)


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I have a person from Malaysia occasionally stopping by, too.

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