Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tiana sounds like a princess name.

Well, this is going to be a kind of random post, 
but I have been so so busy lately that I haven't been caught up on reading my blogs. 
Today I read a couple, for a break,
and was treated to 19 posts by this girl 
(her name's Tiana, in case you were wondering about my title).
Reading her blog makes me happy.
I like to save it for when I have a little extra time to think about what I'm reading.
If you have a little extra time and are in the mood for something positive,
try reading her last 19 posts.
She is so good at being positive about life, herself, everything.
Reading her blog makes me want to be more like her.
Sometimes she posts about pretty things or fun things
or things she would like to have.
And I think that every time I read her blog, I think,
"She deserves everything good."
Her blog is called Dare To Be Remarkable.
Well, Tiana, even though I don't really know you,
here's one person who thinks you are!

Also, unless it was on purpose, you should turn the ability to comment back on on your blog. :)

Btw.  I hope it wasn't weird to anyone involved
that I just wrote a whole post about someone I don't know. 
To Tiana - I hope you don't feel weird.
I could see myself feeling weird if it were me.
Anyway, I think He likes it when His children recognize the good in each other.
And no one's opinion should be important than His, right? :)


Mom said...


I think YOUR blog should be named Dare to be Remarkable....part 2. I could read Tiana's last 100 posts and never think she was more remarkable than you are. I love you honey.

Tiana said...

Alison, I think you are the sweetest person I have ever met! Thank you so much. Reading that totally made my day! I am so glad we're friends, and I am lucky to know you!

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