Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is a pachanguita?

I just realized today that the word "pachanguita" has been in two of my recent Mexico posts and there's a huge possibility that none of you know what that means, so here you go.  :)

A pachanga is a huge party.
"-ita" is a suffix you can add onto many Spanish words that means "little".
So a pachanguita is a little huge party!

My roommate and I liked to talk about having pachangas because it's more exciting and fun to say than "fiesta."  The majority of the time, we didn't use the word in the correct context - our Mexican friends teased us about it :)  So for the Sunday game parties we had, we wanted to call them pachangas, but they weren't big enough to actually be pachangas, so we just slapped an -ita on the end and made them pachanguitas.

You learn something new everyday! 


Totem said...

I'm going to start using that! lol I think of the Pechanga Casino.I saw your blog link on the Vocalpoint message board. i thought I'd start participating in the forum there before they cut me off!

Alison said...

You totally should! I think it's a fun word :) And thanks for reading! :)

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