Friday, January 27, 2012

Latinos are awesome.

One thing I absolutely fell in love with in Mexico was the Latino hospitality/friendliness.  It's not just that they're hospitable - it's that, as soon as they meet you, they instantly want to help you with everything you have going on.  They remember you and love you, and that attitude never ceased to make me feel special. 

At my high school, there are more than 1,000 students but only about 100 Latinos.  It's interesting, though - due to our class schedule, my mentor and I have almost all of them in our classes.  I actually thought the school was majority Latino until last week.  As you might imagine, there are some who have lived in the U.S. their entire lives and there are others who have been here for less than a year.  Jacobo (name has been changed) is one such student.  But listen to how awesome this is.  So, Jacobo is a real social butterfly - loves to talk and gets along with everyone.  Today was his birthday, and guess what his Latino friends did!  They invited a bunch of his Latino friends and one brought a cake, someone brought pop or something, someone brought chocoflan, there were balloons, ice cream - the whole deal - and they gave him a big surprise party for lunch.  One of them even got special permission to leave school during the day to get some of the stuff.  How many people would do that?  They're an awesome group of kids.  They've proved to me once again how awesome Latinos are. :) 


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That sounds fun!

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