Wednesday, January 25, 2012

let down - and I gave you such a good chance!

Well, I obviously spoke too soon.

Dear ABC + writers of Once Upon A Time,
You are dumb.  And also, potential babies are NOT the only reason to keep a marriage together, contrary to apparently popular belief.  The whole problem would've been solved if she'd just let him run out of the cafe.  Why did she decide to chase him anyway? 



Alison said...

It's not just frustrating that it happened, because we don't really know what's real life and what's not. What's frustrating is that she tried so hard! and then just gave in and kissed him, which is annoying whether it's real life or not. And that it would be such a perfect romance if he hadn't been married! That's the worst part because you want to cheer for them and be excited but you know it's not good.

Mom said...

Sounds like another show not to watch.

Brooke E said...

You need to watch "The West Wing."

Jessica said...

I was mad too! And I thought of you and your last blog post. I wanted to be excited for them... but grrrr. He is married!! And yes, potential babies are not the only reason to stay true to your wife. Whether you love her or not.

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