Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference weekend

I love General Conference.  One thing I love about General Conference weekend, other than getting to listen to a real live prophet of God + others tell us what God would were He here, which is my absolute favorite part, is that, for the past couple of times, Kelli has gotten to come spend at least part of it with us! which is so fun.  That's the only sad part of having moved - I don't get to see Kelli and Michael as often as I could before.  So it's really fun when I do get to. :)  Kelli came up for the whole weekend!, and our friend Sheridan got to come up for all of Sunday.  It was pretty perfect.

I got a sample of Campbell's Go! Soup in exchange for a review and pictures of us eating it. 

They wanted us to use the thought bubble. "I love this chorizo soup!" That's true.

Kelli also liked it.
For some reason, they also wanted us to use these tattoo moustaches. 

We got bocce for Christmas and have this fun field by our house to play in!


"You know what a storyteller is, don't you?  It's a person that has a good memory who hopes other people don't."  -- Sandra Dallas, Prayers for Sale


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