Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why do I love these people?

This is the new book I've started.  Why Do I Love These People?: Honest and Amazing Stories of Real Families, by Po Bronson.  I found it at a thrift store today for $2 and thought, Hey, why not?  I don't usually read non-fiction books, but I'm ready for a new book and this one is written like a novel, so I thought I'd give it a go.  So far it's been really good!  Here's part of what it says on the jacket - it does a good job of explaining what the book is about. 
It begins on a river in Texas, where a mother gets trapped underwater and has to bargain for her own life and those of her kids.
Then, a father and his daughter return to their tiny rice-growing village in China, hoping to rekindle their love for each other inside the walls of his childhood home. 
Next, a son puts forth a riddle, asking us to understand what his first experience of God has to do with his Mexican American mother. 
Every step - and every family - on this journey is real. 
[This book contains] stories of people who have survived tremendous hardships in their families and who managed to create a better experience today... These stories show us something utterly profound and yet beautifully simple: what's really involved in loving someone.
I love that last part, even though I think it should've been written as a question:)  What's really involved in loving someone?  Each chapter in the book is about a different family.  It tells why they were struggling, what they did to overcome that struggle and better themselves, and then gets all wrapped up in a moral or a "how to apply this story to more than just this family" paragraph.  It's an encouraging look at the family (and other relationships, too), especially when a current fashion is to belittle the family.   (That idea, in and of itself, is an interesting one - the fashions surrounding families.  That's largely what the first chapter is about.)

I'll let you know how it goes!


"Do not be fooled by those incredibly ordinary stretches [talking about sitting around in the living room together] into believing it is not something profound.  Do not be fooled into forgetting about the special moments."  - Po Bronson, Why Do I Love These People?


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