Friday, April 9, 2010

blog topic #8: Preparation

What can I do?  More than I am doing.  What am I doing?  Not as much as I could... basically, still just making sure I have assignments and everything finished on time.  I have meant to start studying, and I have done some, but I am still a little behind.  Hopefully, I will be able to find time for everything.  What will I do?

Friday, April 9 - Do chapters 3-4 in the Living Prophets book.  Go to bed at a decent time.
Saturday, April 10 - Wake up at 7 or 8.  Start laundry.  Shower.  Buy milk.  Finish the Study & Application parts from the Living Prophets book.  Read and write in at least 14 General Conference talks.  If possible, try to finish these.  Maybe leave 1-2 for Sunday.  If time, begin putting Spanish Lit notes into Voodoo Pad.  Get cereal.  DISCIPLINE YOURSELF!  bedtime AT A GOOD TIME.
Sunday, April 11 - Do no homework, unless you have some General Conference talks left.  bedtime AT A GOOD TIME.
Monday, April 12 - Monday morning - review sewing notes.  Be ON TIME to work!  Study & Applications + Ensign are due.  Review session in Literature.  At least have reviewed "Querido Diego."  Practical final in sewing - Good luck!  After school, write final for Eff. Study & Learning.  If time, finish putting Literature notes into Voodoo Pad. Family Home Evening.  bedtime AT A GOOD TIME.
Tuesday, April 13 - No reading for D&C!  Yay!  Attend review session for ELang.  Happy last day of school!  After class, eat lunch.  Finish putting Lit notes into Voodoo Pad if not done.  Begin inputting notes into the computer/study guides for other classes.  Start with perhaps ELang.  Don't forget work at the normal time - TAKE YOUR TIME SHEET.  Dinner, possible other notes input, bedtime AT A GOOD TIME.  Unfortunately, I didn't get much done today.  I was a little too happy to be done with class...
Wednesday, April 14 - Yay!  No school!  Are all of your notes in the computer?  Study ELang study guide.  (Should be at least partly filled out from yesterday!)  Make note cards to quiz yourself.  Have Joel help if he has time.  This will be your first test (hopefully on Friday, but as late as Monday).  Also, begin doing note cards for  Literature.  This class is harder, so be prepared!  Look over Living Prophets material - this will be your second test, for Saturday.  Dinner group.  Maybe watch a show.  bedtime AT A GOOD TIME.
Thursday, April 15 - Continue preparations for Living Prophets.  Look over material from ELang.  Do some dishes if you have time.  bedtime AT A GOOD TIME.
Friday, April 16 - Take your ELang test!  You should be prepared!  The last possible day you should take it is Monday.  If you haven't turned in your Study and Learning test, it's due tomorrow!  Don't be stressed.  Exercise.  Living Prophets test tomorrow!  Make food for Study & Learning get-together tomorrow.  Support Family Togetherness Night on NBC.  The movie about the treasure hunt. :)
Saturday, April 17 - Finalize looking over Living Prophets material.  Test is 11-2.  BE ON TIME.  Be ready for your final at 3 for StDev.  Ready for Spanish Lit test on Monday?  bedtime AT A GOOD TIME.
Sunday, April 18 - Enjoy not doing homework.  bedtime AT A GOOD TIME.
Monday, April 19 - Spanish Lit final at 7am.  Take your note cards with you.  Make sure you're ready for D&C final tomorrow.  Meet with Carrie.  Family Home Evening.  Good luck!  bedtime AT A GOOD TIME.
Tuesday, April 20 - D&C final at 8am.  Then you're done!  Congratulations!  You made it! :D  

Finished! :D


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