Friday, April 9, 2010

Lays Limón-flavored potato chips

We made hot dogs for our dinner group this week, so we decided it might be fun to buy some chips to go with them.  We tried a new kind, one that neither of us had ever tried before...

This is me with the bag of chips.  And, contrary to the translation of the word "Limón," these chips are actually lime-flavored, not lemon-flavored.  If you've never eaten a sour chip before, well, perhaps you will feel as I did when I tried them... These are not pictures of the first time I tried one, but my reaction is still about the same as the first time.  The powder that stays on your lips is especially sour.  These are screen shots I took after taking a movie of myself eating three of these chips.  

This would be an unsuspecting picture if I hadn't already tried the chips.

Taking a bite...

I discovered with this project that this is what I look like when I eat these chips.  The sourness doesn't set in for a few chews, so this is when I'm almost done eating the chip.

Approaching the end...

I can't really eat very many at a time.

They taste pretty good, and Joel really likes them, but I don't know that I would ever buy these chips for me to eat again.  They're just too sour!  But, I guess that's one way to make sure I don't eat too many, right? ... :)


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