Thursday, April 15, 2010


Premise: I like plants.

As I am sitting here at my kitchen table studying for finals, I see my across-the-quad neighbors watering their plants.  They have them set out on a little table just inside the fence of their patio, and they look good!  There are five of them, and they get some great sunlight.  Then I look at our patio.  It doesn't get a lick of sunlight.  Ever.  The only sunlight we get is in our bedroom and it shines onto our bed.  Not exactly the best place to have a table of plants.  As a result, one of my favorite plants has died and another is on its way because I have no place to put them.  I want to buy a plant light.  There is one place I have thought of putting them, and that's inside the fence of our stairwell.  However, we're not really allowed to keep stuff in there.  Fire hazard or something.  Maybe I can get permission to put something there anyway?  I DO visit teach our community aid... Anyway.  (sigh) It seems unjust.

me with Apple. And also, I'm wearing that shirt right now.


The Youngest Kitchen Maid said...

sweet little apple!!! :)

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