Wednesday, August 25, 2010

HP4: Part 2

Chapter 15-16
I love that, when Karkaroff asks Dumbledore how he is, Dumbledore says he's "blooming."  Awesome.
I think it's funny that people don't know anything about the Tournament.  It seems a little weird to me that someone would say, This huge, historic event is coming to your school!, and that not even Hermione would've bothered to find out what it was - at least a little.  For example - the Goblet of Fire doesn't seem like it should've been a mystery to Hermione, of all people.  Oh well :)
I love that Hermione "unearthed a large talon" in Hagrid's beef casserole :)


Rachel-the cool kid said...

I love those parts too!!! And I completely agree!

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