Thursday, August 26, 2010


We were having a discussion at work today that inspired this survey.  All of us have taken it... now it's your turn!

Have you ever heard the word "tomfoolery"?

If so, please use it in a sentence or define it.


kathleen said...

tomfoolery: synonyms include shenanigans and nonsense
"As the old man chased us out of his yard, we heard him yell: 'I've had enough of you kids and your tomfoolery!'"

Carrie Ann said...

tomfoolery: a word to describe what hooligans do.
"When my father and his brother were younger, they terrorized their town with their tomfoolery"
antonyms: good behavior.
words that have nothing to do with tomfoolery: hanky-panky.

Rachel-the cool kid said...

I have heard it but can't remember where. :( now this is going to bug me for a really long time!

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